Automotive Interior Fabrics
Body Cloth / Upholstery
Headliner / Tricots
Made in the USA
Regular Shipments
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Automotive Interior Fabrics:
***Also used for office furniture upholstery
Body Cloth + Headliner Tricots
  • Made in USA: current production lots
  • Made for the major automotive manufacturers… US and imported models
  • 100% Polyester Flat Knits / Body Cloth and Tricot Headliner
  • Colors: Black, Grey, Beige, some others and different tones of the same
  • Some headliner is in the inventory
  • Upholstery GSM: 300 – 350
  • Headliner GSM: 110- 115
  • Very clean seconds, some first quality
  • Rolls from 15 yards to 200 yards long
  • Mostly 66 inches to 70 inches wide
  • 44,000 pounds per 40 ft hc container or 53ft trailer
  • Sold by the pound or kilo
  • Pictures of actual inventory
  • Videos available on whatsapp
  • Regular supply…ongoing inventory !!!
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